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Opening Comments

If you read the What Happened? blog on this site, you are well aware of the situation I found myself in at the end of 2019. The loss of a parent and the unconscionable actions of a former business partner had me in a place where I felt like I need a new challenge and let's be honest, a win. I had every intention to run for re-election, as Director of Galveston County WCID #12 in 2020. However, and unexpected turn of events left an open City Council position for the May election. I decided to file for it. On the last day of filing, a former two-time Mayor and two-time City Councilman filed to run against me and thus began the most childish and pathetic temper tantrum of a campaign I have ever seen.

I won.

He demanded a recount.

I won that too.

After the recount and other futile delay tactics had finished (and it was still going on just a few

hours before my swearing in) I was afforded the opportunity to make an opening statement. Here it is.

First off, I want to thank everyone that supported me and voted for me in this election. Please know I do not take that trust lightly.

I must say though, the experience of running for City Council was without question the single most unpleasant 10 months of my 52 years on this earth. I witnessed and experienced behavior that was nothing less than despicable. That I know of, I have never been lied about or accused of unethical behavior in my life, like I was during this campaign.

My opponent's attorney and their constant threats of frivolous legal action against me, other elected officials, as well as private citizens, paid and unpaid attack videos going after nearly every civil servant in this town including our police and fire departments, a non stop barrage of open records requests, looking for nothing and finding it and these completely unfounded and complaints to the Texas Ethics Commission, which were immediately dismissed. And finally, showing up to City Hall, before the final votes have even been counted with a check for $4700 to pay for a pointless recount, that only increased my margin of victory.

That capped off a woefully and unnecessarily absurd political process.

I was told repeatedly, it's not usually like this. It's just because of who you're running against. Well, regardless, this was the dirtiest and most vindictive City Council campaign I have ever witnessed.

At some point and I hope that point is now, this kind of treatment towards those looking to serve their community must stop. How on earth will we ever find our future leaders if the only thing awaiting their contribution is intimidation and attack?

Public service is a noble pursuit and should be treated as such. Yet people I have never met, never exchanged a single word with publicly labeled me a bully and a thug.

Election season is getting ready to start up again in just a few months. The political tone in Kemah can change, but it can only truly change in the voting booth. That won't happen until negative and destructive behavior like this stops being rewarded with votes. In this case, the individual responsible for all these actions actually received nearly 400 votes.

The day after the election, I got this private message on Facebook.

"It’s not that you won- it’s what you had to do to win glad you brought your parents to the party- they would be so ?? You couldn’t run on your own merits- but lie and cheat to get there!!Run, call your buds! Go kiss his ass... you’ll have to! Pay back starts NOW!"

That message was in response to a post I made about taking a picture of my recently deceased father and my mother who is in a nursing home with Alzheimer's disease to the election watch party, so they could in a way be there. Folks, I don't know what to say here other than it's just supposed to be like this.

Moving on from that nonsense, because we have to move on from this, I can't take this position without thanking the man who sat in this seat before me. Everyone in Kemah should make a point to thank Kyle Burks and his family for their years of dedication to our city. I admire his deep commitment to Kemah, his seemingly endless knowledge and let's be honest, I'd kill for that hair.

Finally, let me just say that I believe in the ability and intentions of those sitting to my left and my right and look forward to working with them, doing what you put us here to do.

Thank you.

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